Our number one priority is to provide you with the perfect organic garden setup. It’s time to reclaim the gifts of our land and enjoy a healthier, greener, cleaner lifestyle.  

Here at Outdoor Designs, we offer the following services for your gardens:    

  • Custom Designs
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Packages Drip
  • Irrigation   

There is no planter box too complex for our team of designers.

Home grown organic gardens can be extremely convenient.

Because very little space is required to grow them, they ‘s can be placed in small areas.

I think most people have seen hanging tomato baskets.  It’s a great example of a space saving technique.

Our service puts the physical demand of gardening in our hands.

How Much to Plant (for a Family of 4)

Asparagus 40 Plants Perennial
Beets 10′ Spring and Fall Crop
Broccoli 5 Plants Cool Season Crop
Brussels Sprouts 5 Plants Cool Season Crop
Beans, Bush 15′ Succession Plant
Beans, Pole 3 Poles Single Planting
Cabbage 5 Plants Spring and Fall Crop
Carrots 10′ Succession Plant
Cauliflower 5 Plants Spring and Fall Crop
Chard 5 Plants Re-Grows after Harvesting Outer Leaves
Corn 15′ Succession Plant and Multiple Varieties
Cucumbers 2 hills Single Planting
Greens 10′ Spring and Fall Crop
Kale 5 Plants Single Planting
Lettuce, Leaf 10′ Succession Plant
Onions 5′ Single Planting
Peas 10′ Succession, Spring and Fall
Peppers 3 Plants Single Planting
Radishes 5′ Succession Plant
Squash, Summer 2 Hills Single Planting, Multiple Varieties
Tomatos 5 Plants Single Planting, Multiple Varieties
Turnips 10′ Spring and Fall Crop

Of course these aren’t the only options for your garden.  If it can be sourced, it can be grown.  This is a general guideline for space requirements and harvest amounts.

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