Mowing Grass Makes A Difference

HOW YOU MOW GRASS CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LAWN’S QUALITY Lawn mowing sounds like a simple enough thing. You just gas up the mower, yank the cord, walk or ride around in rectangles for awhile, and the deed is done. Ah, but the lawn connoisseur knows there’s a lot more to it than that. How you mow, when … Read More

When Do I Aerate My Lawn

When do I Aerate My Lawn? Soil compaction in Knoxville is a primary cause of an unhealthy lawn. Aerating can help relieve soil compaction, and spring is an excellent time to do it. Aerating your lawn achieves several things: It reduces compaction from regular mowing and traffic such as lawn games. It opens up space to allow air to get … Read More

How Long Should I Water My Yard

Oh how the weather has shifted indeed! Our once vibrant green fescue lawns growing 2″ per week have wilted and dried up.  Our once cool nights and mild days have turned into near scorchers and zero rain to boot! What do we do?! 1) Say a prayer.  (Haha, it’s a good thing to practice) 2) Irrigate But how do I … Read More