Pruning Crepe Myrtles

Everyone has their own story for how and why to prune crepe myrtles. But how much of it is actually fact? Let’s observe: Pruning methods that promote a sound tree structure help trees resist failure, provide clearance, and improve aesthetics, while promoting long life. From training young trees to managing mature ones, structural pruning to guide and manage tree architecture … Read More

Winter Lawn Care

Oh the weather outside is frightful… But what actually is taking place with my LAWN!?!? No matter what turf type you have, somethings need to be avoided. Please minimize the amount of traffic on your lawn.  It’s not good for it.  Foot traffic during the freezing temps can be enough to cause damage to the veins of the grass plant … Read More

New Customers

As many of you who’ve previously used our services know what to expect, new customers are not in the loop! Let me start off by welcoming you.  Here at Outdoor Designs, we strive to meet and exceed every one of your expectations.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for whatever you might need. New Customers | Lawn … Read More