Milorganite: The Science, Failures and Successes

Milorganite is a type of fertilizer known as a biosolid.  It has gained popularity in the home-owner market, as it should, because it accomplishes many positives on the checklist of what makes a fertilizer a good fertilizer. That being said, there are a few lacking critical parts of the fertilizer that should be taken into consideration when choosing to use … Read More

Carbon Is The Most Important Element In The Soil

Carbon is the most important element in the soil. That’s an easy, broad statement to make.   But why is it true? Take a burn pile for instance Notice the grass damaged by the fire, but in the area around it, the grass is significantly greener than the rest of the lawn.  This is the result of carbon (and potash, … Read More

The Case For Humic Acid

what is humic acid? humic acid is the organic result of the degradation of organic matter.  it’s not a single acid, but rather a complex group of multiple acids that form a humic colloid. so what does that mean? a humic colloid is going to be an emulsion or gel that consists of large particles all the way to microscopic … Read More

Summer Lawn Care and Water Saving Guidelines

Summer Lawn Care and Water Saving Guidelines Summer is a great time to enjoy your outdoor area.  Heat, wildlife, sunshine – your body is flooded with vitamin D and serotonin.  Your plants are feeling equally as good, too.  That being said, they’re also facing a great potential to not feel so good.  So while you’re in the back yard soaking … Read More

Epsom Salt… To Save Your Lawn?

Epsom Salt… To Save Your Lawn?! Epsom salt has been a go to home remedy for years. Known as a natural exfoliant, a remedy to dry skin, sore muscles, small wounds, or used to create an inhome home spa experience, epsom salts are widely used. What many people don’t know is that epsom salt can give almost miraculous results to any lawn … Read More

Benefits of Hiring A Lawn Care Company

Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Company   Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Company What happens when you don’t have the resources to have a great lawn on hand? Naturally you will still want to have an immaculate and amazing lawn. What you may not have is the time to put physical effort into it, so you will need … Read More

6 Landscape Design Mistakes

6 Landscape Design Mistakes   that can Ruin Your Home     Clumsy and neglected landscaping can not only damage your home’s curb appeal, but it can easily cut the value of the property and it will make it a lot harder to sell if you’re not careful. Real estate appraisers will often warn that bad landscaping is one of … Read More

Practical Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Practical Landscaping Tips and Ideas   When it comes to the art of landscaping, the useful way would be to combine your aesthetics with the practical side of the job. The examples ahead will explain ways you can pull this off without breaking the bank but by making your landscape great-looking and easy to maintain: Using flowers in your entryway … Read More

Got weeds? Let’s Kill ’em!

Cooler Weather Slows Weeds So we’re certainly into cooler weather, and thank goodness the grass has slowed down growing. That being said – not everything has stopped growing. Once the soil temps dropped below 70, the weeds of summer slowly began to die. The frost finished them off. The beautiful thing about nature – as the summer weeds died, the … Read More