Practical Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Practical Landscaping Tips and Ideas


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When it comes to the art of landscaping, the useful way would be to combine your aesthetics with the practical side of the job. The examples ahead will explain ways you can pull this off without breaking the bank but by making your landscape great-looking and easy to maintain:

  • Using flowers in your entryway

Flowers will always add to the good looks of a place, making it seem more welcoming and interesting. Petunias, lilies, roses and whatever else strikes your fancy will get the job done right. Perennials will be a wonderful addition to any home if you want to make use of all of it. Making use of your small and low fences at the front of your yard, as well as other areas will really help make the curb appeal tie up together quite nicely.

  • Plant some rambling vines

Clematis can be one of the more interesting solutions with vines you can use out there. It comes in red, blue, pink, purple and even white blossoms. You can grow them in a container, as well as on a trellis or another solution that allows it. You can work on this by growing them inside loose, well drained and fertile soil, providing enough organic material to make it happen. It will need to cool off its roots so you can plant them where it will see enough sunlight, but at the same time the roots will be shaded for this very reason. Fertilizing can be done during the spring each summer or spring with some organic fertilizer that is meant for roses and tomatoes. Pruning them will depend on the type of growth and bloom, as well as the old growth and new growth. You can find clematis around most garden or landscaping centers, as well having it mail ordered if you can’t find any around your area.

  • Decorating your driveway

Sculpting your landscape will help make the choice of using materials and plants that are strong a good one, but you have to also cover some unattractive spots around your driveway. You can begin this by starting with a raised island of the lawn in the center of your driveway. Add a low boxwood hedge or something similar and you will have a much easier time making do with annuals, perennials, roses and the like. You can do this for a nice blend of textures, colors, lights and so much more to make your gardening and landscaping worth it.

  • Planting lilies

Crinums are one great plant you can use when you are facing drought, as they are extremely hardy and have no need for fertilizer, thriving in hot and humid summers with a nice pleasant scent. Crinums prefer at least five hours of sunlight, so this would be a good solution for coastal and tropical climates, with some varieties capable of surviving even in the northern areas, allowing for a more flexible solution you can really work with during your gardening sessions.