organically enhanced fertilizer

Organically Enhanced

Organic fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium fertilizers that are sourced from animal waste, human waste or vegetable matter.   They provide a distinct advantage over inorganic fertilizers because of their ability to build the soil in addition to feeding the plants.  Organic fertilizers are rich in organic matter which help the soil remain light and loose which provides a better growing medium for healthier roots.  As we all know, the healthier the root system, the more aesthetic the top growth.

Organic Disadvantage

Organic fertilizers should have no disadvantages right? I mean, they offer living bacteria and soil microbes to turn your soil into a work horse.  That being said, organic fertilizers are extremely slow.  The living microbes have to consume the organic matter to produce plant available N-P-K.  This means a fertilizer application that may take a couple of weeks to green up a lawn can take a month or more to deliver the same result.

Outdoor Designs Difference

I put countless hours over the course of a full year into sourcing the best materials to produce the exact fertilizers I wanted.  I wanted the benefits of running organics, but I wanted to the quick oomph that inorganic fertilizers provided.  Finally, I was able to blend something that met my demands.  Our organically enhanced fertilizers are high percentage organic blends with a touch of inorganics to provide a quick response with the added long lasting benefit of pure organics.  The results speak for themselves.  Learn the Outdoor Designs Organically Enhanced Fertilizers difference.