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Our lawn service is not your typical “big box store” approach to turf management.  We have three key focal points that lead to our program design: 1) Environmental Responsibility 2) Doing what’s best for the turf, not wallet. 3)Results that speak for themselves.  I’ll detail our approach and how it pertains to our focal point. Environment responsibility is a hot … Read More

Knoxville Lawn Care Topdressing | Outdoor Designs

So I’ve been working on a topdressing project and thought I’d share the photos.  This particular customer is new to our lawn care program, and after solving where we wanted to take the lawn, we decided topdressing was our best initial bet. The lawn had been aerated and over seeded every year, but it still was just not performing. you … Read More

Knoxville Topdress | Outdoor Designs

I’m a super proponent of all things topdressing.  The reason being is that it’s such a great practice when done so with compost.  Even if one were to never fertilize their lawn, but regularly topdress it, you could still achieve tremendous results. A nice, thick lawn requires healthy soil as its base, but it’s difficult to make changes to the … Read More


Wake up, Fescue! Wake up! Who called for this late winter chance of snow?  I’m angry!  Not really.  Nature has a way of doing things that I may not agree with, but I’m not one to argue with her. So winter is almost over.  What do we do with the fescue lawns now? As previously stated, winter kill is still … Read More

Winter Kill

It’s that time of year where all our turfgrasses begin to stretch, yawn, and wake back up. Thank goodness! Unfortunately, there is still a risk of some areas of turf not waking up. In lieu of the winter we’ve had this year in the Knoxville area, winter kill is a lingering possibility.  There’s no real standard of winter kill diagnosis … Read More