Weed Controls THAT WORK!

Importance of Weed Control

Weed controls do more than simply kill weeds.  Heavy weed infestations begin to cause a decline in performance of turfgrasses.  Weeds compete with turfgrasses for water & nutrients, and because of their ability to survive in even the worst conditions, they often win in the grand scheme of things.  For this reason, it’s important to manage weed populations before they have the opportunity to wreck your lawn.

How to Control Weeds

Controlling weeds isn’t extremely difficult from the labor side of the job.  It’s knowing the appropriate product at the appropriate rate with the appropriate application technique where experience and education become important.  Certain weed varieties are more prevalent at different times of the year.  Understanding which weeds grow during each season allows a turf manager to take a proactive approach to managing populations.  Pre-emergents can be an effective tool in preventing many types of weeds; however, they’re not a perfect solution.  It’s important that a turf manager can correctly identify a weed variety, then they can select an appropriate product, rate, and application technique to insure the greatest amount of control possible.  100% weed eradication is NOT the goal for any turf manager.  Not only is it not possible, it’s unsafe to strive for.  Weeds serve a purpose to the environment just as pests do.  There are beneficial and nuisance pests.  There are beneficial and nuisance weeds as well.

Outdoor Designs Can Control Weeds the First Time

At Outdoor Designs, we guarantee our weed controls.  Our technicians have the education, experience, and knowledge to be able to select the appropriate products to give the best results.  Not all weeds are the same and some require multiple applications – that being said, our technicians will communicate to you which weeds will require more work and will act accordingly so there is no guessing. Are you tired of having weeds that persist year after year without ever being addressed? Call us for a free evaluation of your lawn’s current conditions and find out what weed controls it will take to bring it back to it’s full glory.