lawn renovation

Complete Lawn Renovation in Knoxville, TN

It’s not often that I recommend a complete lawn renovation, but at times it is necessary.  Lawns that have become over run with perennial grassy weeds, ie dallisgrass, may require a complete kill and overhaul. Another example would be a new lawn being installed in new construction.  In the event we recommend a redo, we have a very specific process in place to insure we’re delivering the best lawn possible.

Renovating Prep Work

We utilize a tool like a harley rake to pulverize your existing soil base to turn it into soft, malleable ground.  It makes a great growing medium for new turf.  With the soil base pulverized, it is a great time to consider adding a soil amendment.  With the amount of clay we have in our area, it becomes too compacted too quickly to offer long term lawn success, so we recommend amending the soil with one of our products.  We can harley rake in our topdressing mixture of rich organic compost.  Compost provides a source of carbon to harbour beneficial bacteria and also adds living microbes to the soil.  Another option would be adding BioChar  which is a straight source carbon – again offering a safe haven for microbes, oxygen, and water.  We can ALSO do a combination of both products to give you MAXIMUM results.

Growing A Great Lawn

Sod provides instant grass.  It’s delivered clean and green so once it’s laid, it really looks nice.  That being said, sod can be expensive.  So an alternative option that saves money and also provides a strong, durable root structure is seed.  Fescue seed takes a little longer to establish, but it provides a plant that’s adapted to grow in the environment it’s grown. The first year it doesn’t perform quite as well as sod, but continuing with fall aeration and overseeding, it will in time give you a phenomenal lawn.

Our Commitment to Lawn Renovation Projects

Lawn renovations are a little costly and give drastic changes to a lawn.  Our commitment is that if we perform a lawn renovation for you, we will guarantee our work every step of the way to make sure we’re delivering you the best lawn possible.  We will answer any questions and do whatever is necessary to insure 100% satisfaction.  As a homeowner, we want there to be ZERO risk to using our service.