Bermuda and Zoysia Programs

Bermuda – Weed Or Turfgrass?

Here in Knoxville, TN, the debate remains up in the air: is bermudagrass a weed or a turfgrass? The truth of the matter is that it’s a matter of personal preference.  A weed is simply defined as an undesirable plant growing in your lawn or landscape.  So with that definition any plant can be a weed or not, it’s simply whether or not you want it.  So now that we’ve determined bermuda can be both, you have to ask yourself if it’s something you want in your lawn.  There’s a reason the majority of the courses in the Southeastern United States are bermudagrass courses.  It’s extremely heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and durable.  Bermuda can grow in a wide range of conditions ranging from sandy soils to concrete like clays.

Bermuda or Zoysia Lawns

Bermuda is becoming a more and more viable turf type in Knoxville. In fact in some instances I actually recommend it.  When you decide to take the leap into having a bermuda lawn, there’s one thing you have to understand: bermudagrass has to be treated like bermuda or zoysia, not fescue.  Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass require higher rates of fertilizer.  Bermuda and zoysia require different sets of weed controls.  Bermuda and zoysia require the bulk of their fertility to take place during summer months – not fall and spring.  In these ways, bermuda and zoysia are different.  Treating them like fescue lawns will supply incorrect fertility at the wrong times of the year resulting in a weak, thin, weedy bermuda or zoysia lawn.

Outdoor Designs Knows Bermuda and Zoysia

I spent half of my turf management career on a golf course developing programs for bermuda and zoysia grasses.  As a result, applying those same programs to a home lawn, we can guarantee a great bermuda or zoysia lawn – even in Knoxville.  We will apply the correct materials at the right times of the year to give even the worst bermuda or zoysia lawn, a brand new makeover.  There’s a reason bermuda is used on golf courses.  It can work on your lawn, too.