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Lawn Service Knoxville| Outdoor Designs

How to make your neighbor angry with as little effort as possible:

lawn service knoxville

Our Lawn Service in Knoxville Guarantees to do Just THAT!

lawn service knoxville



  • Free service calls
  • Lawn specific customization
  • Referall Bonus Program*
  • $24.95 First Application**

*For every program customer referred, referrer will receive up to a $50 credit applied to their next application

**Discount applies to new customers only.  Discount contingent upon agreement of full year of service.  Applies to lawns up to 5,000

I reached out to turf manager colleagues across the South to ask about how there management practices have changed through the years.  Techniques such as aerations, verti-cuttings, rollers, pH monitoring, and water strategies were among their solutions , however, there was a trend in the introduction of organics. Mycorrhizal fungi, molasses, humates, chelated micronutrient packages,  and bio-solids were being used en masse!

Phil Vera, a friend and manager at Augusta National Country Club,  sat with me to help develop a lawn care program that not only encourages healthier turf through conventional means, but adds the benefits of organics to establish a superior turf in regards to color, performance, and durability.  You see, this lawn care program will not only improve turf conditions, but will with time restructure soil conditions to achieve what every turf manager wants – a deep, healthy, resistant root structure.

Only here in Knoxville, TN, with Outdoor Designs will you find this Organically Enhanced Lawn Care program that encompasses the benefits of having a weed free lawn along with the disease and drought resistant root building potential of organic practices.  This is a solution that only a local company with a true specialist can deliver – setting us miles apart from those other guys.

Lawn Service Knoxville | Outdoor Designs