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Organically Enhanced Lawn Care by Outdoor Designs

Get Your First Application for Only $24.95

With our organically enhanced lawn care program, you'll get:


Better Color

Organic fertilizers feed the soil. Supplying microbes, beneficial bacteria & fungi, and carbon, the soil begins to take on it's own micro-environment.  With time, the lawn becomes more and more sustainable, easier to achieve and maintain its beauty.

This means the good consume the bad to produce more good for the lawn.

A football field that turned into something beautiful.

Better Soils

Better soils mean that you have healthier turf. A healthier stand of turfgrass means it will better withstand the extremes of our area: temperatures, moisture, disease pressure, and weed pressure.

It's not an easy feat, but it's one we're ready to tackle.


Better Lawns

to build better communities.

Improving the soils micro-environment means it will be more self sustaining. The more self-sustaining we can grow the soil, the fewer herbicides have to applied to maintain it. The fewer herbicides we have to apply, the more we lessen our environmental impact.

This is the level of commitment only a local lawn care company can provide.  Experience the difference of local expertise.

Organically Enhanced Lawn Care is our solution to soil, environmental, and cultural issues we face in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Discount applies to new customers only. $24.95 discount applies to lawns up to 5,000 sqft that sign up for 7 applications per year.  Lawns over 5,000 sqft will be discounted at 50% off their first application. Pre-pay and contracts are NOT required.